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Case Results

Rodriguez Lewis & Kahn

If you were accused of a crime in California, your first step should be to get in touch with a member of our legal team at Rodriguez Lewis & Kahn. We have over 70 years of combined experience in these types of cases and understand how best to defend you. Whether you were accused of child abuse, murder, a sex crime, or a white collar crime, you could have peace of mind knowing that a strong legal advocate is on your side. Many law firms make lofty promises regarding the results they are able to achieve for their clients. At our firm, you do not have to merely trust our word. By looking through examples of the successes we were able to achieve for our clients, you could see how our skill and experience has benefited those who have come to us for help.

  • (Hollywood actor) arrested for misdemeanor shoplifting.
    Case dismissed.
  • (Nurse) arrested for felony drug charges.
    Reduced to a misdemeanor.
  • Child abuse. Potential sentence of eight years in state prison.
    Probation and county jail time.
  • Felony Vandalism.
    Diversion, no probation, no conviction, and dismissal.
  • Felony battery with serious bodily injury (prior "Strike" conviction).
    Dismissed at preliminary hearing; prosecution appeal
    also dismissed.
  • Investigated for Sex Charges.
    No criminal case filed.
  • Arrested for Domestic Violence.
    Dismissed before arraignment.
  • Two counts of child abuse & 2 victims. Facing life in prison.
    Dismissed at preliminary hearing due to insufficient evidence.
  • Arrested for felony Criminal Threats.
    Dismissed at the pre-trial hearing.
  • 15 year-old felony bench warrant.
    Recalled warrant, terminated probation on underlying case,
    and no jail time.
  • DUI informal probation charged with misdemeanor Hit & Run.
    Case dismissed (Civil Compromise); no jail time and
    no probation violation on the prior DUI.
  • Felony theft charges (with prior theft conviction).
    Case reduced to a misdemeanor with no county jail time.
  • Prostitution (with prior prostitution convictions).
    Informal probation and no county jail time.
  • Felony Grand Theft & prior theft conviction and informal probation.
    Reduced to a misdemeanor, court-ordered counseling,
    and no county jail time.
  • Arrested for felony Rape.
    Dismissed before filing due to pre-filing discussions.
  • Charged in Federal case with felony fraud; facing a 40 years
    prison exposure.
    Two years in custody and partial restitution.
  • Misdemeanor sex charge with lifetime sex registration.
    Reduced the charge, no jail, and no lifetime sex registration.
  • Had two bench warrants for ten year-old misdemeanor cases.
    Recalled both warrants, probation terminated, small court fine,
    and no jail time.
  • Had two bench warrants; felony vandalism & misdemeanor battery.
    Recalled both warrants, terminated probation; no conviction,
    and no jail time.
  • Charged with possession of a loaded firearm at the airport.
    Informal Diversion, court fine, and reduced to an infraction.
  • Arrested for felony Robbery.
    Reduced to petty theft infraction.

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