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California Sex Crime Lawyer

One of the hardest elements of a sex crime accusation is that they are often difficult to prove. If you have been accused of a sex crime or are under investigation, it is advisable to contact one of our experienced lawyers from Rodriguez Lewis & Kahn. You have rights in this situation that need to be protected by knowledgeable representation that understands the seriousness of this charge.

Sexual Assault Laws

Sex crimes cover many sexual acts that are committed with or without intent to harm. No matter what the circumstance, there are serious consequences that follow these offenses. Sex crimes are covered under California Penal Code §261.6, which discusses the crime and the penalties that correspond. Rape is the act of sexual intercourse with another party who is incapable of giving consent or held against their will. If this crime is committed in conjunction with murder, the consequences can be very severe. If sexual battery is committed, then the punishment can be less severe but it is still taken seriously and charged as a sexual assault. When a non-consensual sexual act is committed, that means that one party does not consent to the oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse. Unlawful sexual intercourse is different from sexual assault in that it involves a minor under the age of 18 years old, whether consent was given or not.

Megan's Law and Penalties

Penalties for sex crimes are severe and taken very seriously in California. The names of convicted criminals who are required to register as sex offenders can be viewed on the website This gives the public access to information on registered sex offenders, depending on the type of sex crime committed. The elements that are considered when creating a sentence are the aggravating and mitigating factors. Aggravating factors include the defendant's criminal history and the severity of the crime. Mitigating factors can result in a less harsh sentence.

Criminal defense attorneys at our firm are prepared to defend against all types of sex crime charges. We have a thorough understanding of this area of law and have experience negotiating sentences. If you have been falsely accused or given an unfair sentence, our firm can protect your rights. At Rodriguez Lewis & Kahn, we work as a team and can defend your case with experience and skill. Contact us today to discuss your legal options.


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